Naibor Camp, Masai Mara

I love traveling in Africa, I grew up pitching tents in game reserves and luxury safari experiences were a pretty foreign concept to me. I always enjoyed the adventure that came with “roughing it.” Then I experienced Naibor.

Naibor is a luxury tented camp situated in the Masai Mara game reserve. The tents are set alongside the Talek River, there are no fences, just us and the wilderness. A huge effort has gone into making the living spaces environmentally friendly but also luxurious, this really inspired and impressed me.

So we arrived after a thrilling bush plane flight from Nairobi, the plane sent the animals along the runway scattering, we were in the Mara and I couldn’t help but feel emotional. A Masai warrior called Jackson was there to collect us and from this moment, I was on Safari!

Arriving at Ol Kiombo Airstrip

Driving to the camp we saw an abundance of wildlife, it was so exciting, from a hippo fight in our path to an unbelievable sighting of a black rhino, one of only 39 left in the entire Mara Triangle and one of only 4000 left in Africa. No matter how many safaris I go on, I always feel a strange mix of emotions seeing rhinos, knowing their survival depends on us doing our best to protect them.

I love the wild feel of the camp, everything is sheltered under tents and lit by lanterns, the real east African experience. On that first day, I sat by the river enjoying the hippos and an impressive lunch spread.

Open tents on the river with an outside washroom, my home for 3 nights

As the camp is solar powered, there are no charging points in your tent, there is a central charging station in the mess tent at the main camp, I loved this as it meant a total cut from the outside world! The bush shower is heated up by fire and raised up a tree, it lasts 5 minutes which is perfect. There is a surprisingly lavish range of beauty products, a little reminder that this is indeed luxury experience.

After one of the worst droughts to hit the Mara the heavens opened on my first night and despite knowing how close I was to lions and hyenas combined with the roaring thunder and electric storm surrounding me, I fell asleep in peace, I never felt so close to nature.

Enjoying a moment in the plains

The next morning was the start of our great adventure through the Mara Plains and it was everything I have dreamed of and more. The wildlife experiences and sightings were some of the best of my life and I really enjoyed absorbing them with Jackson.

Naibor offers a fantastic package, your stay will include 2 game drives a day, one at 6 – 10am, 5:30 wake up to your choice of hot drink and brownies. Midmorning, a set up breakfast somewhere in the wild. This was my favourite thing to do. Coming back to camp there is time to relax until lunch which was always a fresh, healthy and seasonal buffet. There is a spa if you want to enjoy a treatment in the wilderness but at 4pm you are collected again for an evening game drive. Halfway through the drive there are sundowner drinks before dinner at the camp. I loved the private dinner, we came back to a cosy fire outside the tent, and a beautiful table set up for dinner. The food at camp is world class, deserving of a Michelin Star!

Sundowners before dinner out in the wild

From the Chef, to the Mangers, our guide Jackson, to our night time Askari, everyone at the camp became like family. It was so hard to board the plane on the rustic runway out of the Mara, my heart ached to stay.



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